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Dec. 18th, 2009 | 11:37 pm

Hey! Princess here~ but it would be better of you call me from my nickname which is Cess or Joy:) I like meeting new friends and if possible, I want to meet all of you! 14 years of age and blows my candles every 14th day of October. An Asian-Pop addict, that includes ..JPOP, KPOP and CPOP.., but I'm prioritzing the first two now.:) FOR JPOP, Hey! Say! JUMP is the NAAAAME babyy~ this young guys captured my heart since the 6th of August, 2008! Aaah~ Inoo Kei!♥ Arashi, NEWS, Ito Yuna are some of my favorites too~ well I hope Imma go meet them sometime! For Kpop, Super Junior is my first love, anniversary is every 17th of May~ HAAHAH. and for SHINee, the onlyyyyy BB that I couldn't remember the date when did I like them 'coz I was a former hateeerrrr, aaah~ LAME MUCH? Haha. All I can remember is that I lurrvedd them since RDD came out~ that was the first Saturday after my birthday I think? HAHAHAAH. I don't know.=)) -- That's actually a confession! Hahaah.=)) Ok, back to who and what am I, I am a jolly person, yes! I am, I maybe shy at times but that happens once a year~ HAHAHAAH.=)) I'm a techno-freak~ I'm soooo addicted to technology! Omygaaad. I can't even explain my like w/o computer in front of me or a cellphone in hand! HAHAHA.=)) But MP4s my bestfriend when they're not there, and hello DVD! Hahaha.=)) I'm a very talkative person, a thing that a lot is complainging about~ I'm a lazy brat! There's just one thins gets me into a thing, WHEN I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE IT! Okay, enough! That's all for now, I think?:) You can always PM me or comment me~ add me but be sure to talk to me ayt?:)
The best day of my life, for now? ..091127.. -- why? Check out my vids~:)



Dec. 14th, 2009 | 05:46 pm
location: In our room.:)
mood: cheerful cheerful

Sengil Chukahamnida~
Sengil Chukahamnida~
Saranghaeyo ONEW OPPA~

Stay happy and make all SHAWols Happy~ Stay healthy our dubu leader Onew.:)


aaaah~ he look so young!
he doesn't look like his age. o.o


Dec. 13th, 2009 | 03:05 pm
location: In front of my Computer.
mood: indescribable
music: Jonas Bros'. FLY WITH ME.

Ahh!!! Tests will start tomorrow and I still haven’t reviewed anything yet! Ahh, I’m lazy enough to do that! HAHAAH. Omygaaad, our Christmas party is fast approaching~ and I wish the one who picked me in our exchange gift would give me the album of SHINee which is YOU. Aaa~ in my dreams! HAHAHA. So yeah, I’m also excited that on the 23rd, me and my co-JUMPers will be having our very own Christmas party! Ahh, gaaaad, I miss them soooo much! Ok, this is really killing me, after SHINee, FT Island, ooomygaaad – Jaejin, will I be able to see you? It will be on February but no date yet~ Kpop is really invading the Philippines already~ well I hope Jpop will make its move soon. I miss Jpop, OMG. It’s like I haven’t seen them for ages, I think I need a break with Kpop~ HAAHHAHA.=)) Kpop’s manipulating me~ AHAHAHAHA.=)) But that’s alright, as long as I loooove Asian-Pop! I’m getting addicted to UKiss’ Man Man Ha Ni – it’s really good! DongHo~ DongHo!!!! HHAHAHA. It’s been awhile since I spazzed out here~ so, here I am again, SPAZZING. Well, I don’t think anyone here even bothered to read this, but it’s okay~ as long as I state my feelings clear, it’s alright! Okay, I think I have a lot of things to spazz about but I have a lot of things to complain about too~ HAHAHAHA. Tests will be tomorrow, as I said right? And I still haven’t finished some of our projects which include CL, MAPEH and TLE not to mention that we still have to do a Music Video for Filipino~ I guess hell week’s extended till next year! HAHAHAHA.=)) It’s not hell WEEK anymore, it’s HELL MONTH! Hahaha.=)) No waaaay, I won’t make my Christmas and New Year like that~ My Christmas will be very happy – THAT’S A MUST! It must be a Christmas full of loooove! HAHAHAHA.=)) Well, we still haven’t set-up the Christmas Tree yet~ Ahh~ PICSPAMS PLEAAAASE? Videos too! HAHAHA.=)) I miss everyone~ will be updating my fanfic, SOON? I guess? Pray for me! Will be updating this soon!:))

Ok, for the finale, 2 videos from 2 great boy bands!





I'll miss you again guys!!!:)

Happy Birthday Chinen Yuuri and Hikaru Yaotome!

Dec. 1st, 2009 | 08:42 pm
location: Minho and Kei's heart and loving it! Omayggaaaaad, TAEMIN.♥
mood: high high
music: YOU.

A late Happy Birthday to Chinen and an Advanced Happy Birthday to Hikaru!

Ahhhh~ time really flies sooo fast! I can still remember myself celebrating Yabu's last January and now, for this two handsome and cool guys! Omygaaaaad.♥ Well, I'm really proud of these guys because they're really succesful and they make us JUMPers proud, but I miss them.:( I don't really have updates about Hey! Say! JUMP these days, and it's soooo sad. Yes, I'm fangirling SHINee but it doesn't meas I forgot about these guys already~ Ahh~ enough of the drama!

---- They are one of the finest man who's alive these days~ agree? HAHAAHAHAH. Not mentioning their talents, good looks and uhhh, humor? HAHAAHHAHA.=)) Aaaah~ All I can say is I looooooooooove them!

Again, Happy Birthday to the two of you, get some rest guys! But not sooooo long, we're gonna miss you! Enjoy your day!!!!

Aishiteru yo!♥


Dec. 1st, 2009 | 08:32 pm
location: House, in front of the computer.
music: Year of Us by: SHINee.

Aaaah, a late updaaaaate! I think I'm the only one who haven't updated their blog because of the Free Korea-Philippines Friendship Day Concert last November 27, 2009. No pictures, just vids.:( Me and my friends stood in line from I think that was about 15 to 9 up to 12pm for the seat numbers, we managed to have a good spot although being on the 1st floor was better but nevertheless, it was a BLAST! Being outside the venue for almost 8 hours was all worth it, I even cried watching SHINee (minus Taemin) singing Stand By Me, maybe I was just overwhelmed! Aaaah~ I hope this will happen again, me and my friends will definitely be on the front seats!!!! HAHAAHAH.=)) I can't really spazz about it right noe because what's on my mind is like this: wiehfio ;whrciohfiheiwrofhciqo efhioehfioerhfiohreioghrioeghioerhgiohegioerhgihgiohergihergiherighioerhgiohweiorhgiowegheirghr.

Thanks to everyone who were there, although I don't know all of them, WE WERE ALL PART OF HISTORY!!!!:)

--- don't mind the videos, hahah! It's all a mess~ HAHAAHAH.=)) Sorry, my fangirling is a biiiiiiiiiig hindrance on taking fancams! HAAHAH.=)) I can't really stay calm! HAHAAH.=)) Better not watch it, but if you insist, you cam PM me for the link!=))

Manalo's! - Mayzee, idedelete ko after mo kunin!

Nov. 21st, 2009 | 08:49 pm

The Incredibles was indeed a great movie. It was definitely an action yet a comdedic-drama that never fails to make the people laugh until the end. This movie fits the taste of the viewers. The Incredible is fun to watch not only by yourself but by the whole family! You'll enjoy this movie, better watch it!

--- wala na ko madagdag!:))

We finally paid for it!

Nov. 19th, 2009 | 06:43 pm
location: My PC.
mood: happy happy

--- yatta~ Me and Dang finally had the chance to pay for the goods(By SHINeeWorldPH) in BPI, it was our first time and we did good! *clap clap* It was very fun beacuse even the guards congratulated us after knowing that it was our first time depositing money in the bank! We're really looking forward on what will happen on the 27th~ yay!


Nov. 19th, 2009 | 06:23 pm
location: In front of my computer.
mood: excited excited

Aaaah! Arirang will finally be announcing the lucky winners of the tickets to the free concert on the 27th of this month! Aaah, each and every members of SHAwol(SHINee world)that submitted an application for the ticket are aaaallll crossing their fingers right now, including me! I juuuust can't help to be excited about the concert, this is reaaaally is it!!!! Aaaa~ and yeah, before the concert, our 2nd quarter grades will be distributed this coming November 25th and I'm kindaaa nervous. Aaaa~ everyone is! That's all for now, I really can't think of anything today --- all I know is I'm reaaaallllyyyyy excited! Hahaah! Ciao!

Aaahh~ they're coming!!!

Nov. 15th, 2009 | 06:22 pm
location: Room, in front of the computer.
mood: excited excited

I can't even sleep on time because of this~ Oh, SHINee, GOODNESS. I wanna meet them soooo bad! And yeah, they're coming this November 27. Aaah~ it's like an early christmas gift for all SHAwols here in the Philippines~ Omy omy~ Lalaal~ Another busy day for me tomorrow, but I ave to be a good daughter, my parents wouldn't let me go if I'll not behave! AHAAHHA!!! So yeah, SHINee, we're waiting. Omygaaaad.=))))) This is really is it! I wanna meet them. But the raffle.T.T I wish all of us will have a ticket for it! HWAITING Filipino Shawols! HAAHHAHAH!!!!=))
--- Okay, that's all for now!:*

I just want to post somethinggg~

Nov. 10th, 2009 | 06:42 pm
location: My house.
mood: Lalala~ Lalala~

Hey~ I just kinda miss Hey! Say! JUMP and the fandom.:) I'm busy in school ang everything so yeah~ But thanks to those who keep on updating usss~ thanks for the mp3 files, pictures, etc. It's a lot of helppp!!! So yeah, anyone who's a fan of Justin Bieber here? Naaah~ don't mind me~ HAHAHA.=)))) Chinen's birthday is coming up!!!! And Hikaru's too~~~ Ahhhh!!!!! Hmm, and for those who read my fanfic, which is an epic fail, thank you! AND I HARDLY HAVE READERS, WHO AM I THANKING? Aaah, just in case.:)))) Hahaha, comment, message or anything you like would be fine. So yeah! Ciao!
I NEED TO GO, I need to eat! HAHAHA