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Random thoughts on random moments

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Sep. 6th, 2012 | 12:26 pm

Hi. It's been ages since I posted something here! I've been busy with my Tumblr account, I'm sorry. My friends here are also starting to deactivate their accounts, so there isn't much of a reason to visit.:( But I missed my first blog, so hello again!

I'm currently inside the open lab of our building and I'm happy that livejournal isn't blocked. I actually went here to review but I feel like blogging right now, so yeah.

I've been slacking around too much these days, ugh. Someone motivate me please. I'm glad my grades aren't that low, I'm kind of surprised by the results, actually. But I seriously need to study more.

Subjects are getting real hard as time passes by. I don't wanna flunk. Oh good God, please help me.

But oh well, please pray me for I have a quiz and I'm going to review the moment I finish posting this. I hope everyone's doing fine.

P.S.: Big Bang's concert is fast approaching and I still don't have my ticket. My friends and I are going to buy soon, though. And yeah, the Fantasy Concert is going to be on January and I'm seriously excited for it. I wish the rumours about INFINITE and B1A4 being included in the list is true, I'm really going to save up for this. The only confirmed groups I've known of as of today is EXO and SNSD and I'm not really a fan of those two, I'm sorry SONES and EXOTICS.:( But I'm a fan of SNSD's music, their songs are really catchy, tbh. I hope Teen Top gets included, too. I also heard that 2PM's also included, yeah!!! But oh well, I really need to review now.

Pray for me, pretty please?

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