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Super Show II Live in Manila~

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Apr. 23rd, 2010 | 01:40 pm

Okay, I know, everybody already posted about this but Imma go posting mine today.:) 

I think it was early February that a lot of rumors are circulating in the net about Super Junior visiting here~ we expected alot from that but it was all a joke. But one of that days, there's this RSVP note in FaceBook about Super Show II that caught my attention. I talked about it with my friends and we decided to go~ at first, we were having a doubt since FTIsland are going to come but at the end, my other friend was not allowed to go in FTI's showcase and we all decided to go into Super Show II. We bought the ticket 1 month early.:)))))) That's how excited we were.

On the day of the concert, we were there at 8:30am since we only have GenAd tickets. There was a lot of people na. It's sooo hot. We planned on camping there since we know it's going to be hard for us if we arrived late. We brought food, water, etc. It was fun, actually. We met new friends while we're in the line~ We waited for 11 hours before we were actually permitted to go inside the coliseum, that was damn hard! The gates opened at five, then inside, there was security that is going to check your bags, etc. --- we actually fell in line stair after stair then gate after gate. Imagine, we managed to get there at 8 then the gates opened at 5 then again, they let us wait for 2 more hours for us to be able to relax inside the coliseum? Haha! Well, that's what fangirling is. LOL. Okay, so the concert started few minutes after 7. The crowd went wild when the intro VTR was shown, it was EPIC. The Sapphire Blue Sea was damn good! It gave me goosebumps~ and by the way, we managed to get a good seat. We're actually in the middle (I was beside the spotlight! HAHAHAHA, speaking of the spotlight, there's a lot of wires in where we were seated. HAHAHA). There were 36(?) songs that was played, that includes the solo performances by the diff. members. Everyone was so energetic that night (although Siwon isn't, he's got a fever.:( ) It was an unforgettable experience~ and yeah, I LOVE YOU KYU HYUN!<3

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