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Nov. 13th, 2012 | 09:55 pm

Why am I so bipolar? Why am I feeling thousands of emotions all at once? What the fuck is wrong with me, seriously? I'm posting because my Tumblr isn't as safe as it was. He knows my account, fuck. I need to delete my livejournal link in my Tumblrrrr!!! I need a safe haven. 

I feel so confused, and scared and I don't know anymore! These fucking heart is killing me. But I am not inlove. I don't think so. I can't feel the spark. Or am I just refusing the feeling? Hahaha. I don't know. But I don't think I am. I'm not even sure if I like him 'that' way. What more love, right? I just hate this feeling. I feel so pressured! People just keep on asking me, it's just wtf what's so good about my story? It's giving me a harder time. I just don't care anymore.>.<

I feel so pressured because he's waiting for an answer for a question I do not know.:( I feel so pressured because I think I know the answer but I'm not sure of it. I just wanted us to be friends but I really do not know anymore. I have my priorities! And that is to graduate and to study hard. I told him that. But I don't think he understood me. I wanted him to feel some of the clues I have given him, but it seems like he's hasn't notice any of it. 

I'm not good in these things, because this is actually the first time. Ugh, I don't know anymore. Why do I have to feel everything of this when I'm at home. It's like everything's fine when we're together, like friends, just a little sweet and nothing more. But when I go home, a lot of things will go into my mind and I'll start overthinking. I think I really need to sort out my mind. But I think I know my answer, and that's sticking to my priority. I don't think I can risk my heart again, I've been hurt by the same person once. Once is enough. I don't even know if he really likes/love me. I don't want to assume.

But oh yeah, I don't know anymore. Just go with the flow.

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Random thoughts on random moments

Sep. 6th, 2012 | 12:26 pm

Hi. It's been ages since I posted something here! I've been busy with my Tumblr account, I'm sorry. My friends here are also starting to deactivate their accounts, so there isn't much of a reason to visit.:( But I missed my first blog, so hello again!

I'm currently inside the open lab of our building and I'm happy that livejournal isn't blocked. I actually went here to review but I feel like blogging right now, so yeah.

I've been slacking around too much these days, ugh. Someone motivate me please. I'm glad my grades aren't that low, I'm kind of surprised by the results, actually. But I seriously need to study more.

Subjects are getting real hard as time passes by. I don't wanna flunk. Oh good God, please help me.

But oh well, please pray me for I have a quiz and I'm going to review the moment I finish posting this. I hope everyone's doing fine.

P.S.: Big Bang's concert is fast approaching and I still don't have my ticket. My friends and I are going to buy soon, though. And yeah, the Fantasy Concert is going to be on January and I'm seriously excited for it. I wish the rumours about INFINITE and B1A4 being included in the list is true, I'm really going to save up for this. The only confirmed groups I've known of as of today is EXO and SNSD and I'm not really a fan of those two, I'm sorry SONES and EXOTICS.:( But I'm a fan of SNSD's music, their songs are really catchy, tbh. I hope Teen Top gets included, too. I also heard that 2PM's also included, yeah!!! But oh well, I really need to review now.

Pray for me, pretty please?

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 09:52 am

It's the 3rd day of our Christmas vacation!<3 And we have to go to Tanay, Rizal by this afternoon or tomorrow. No net, no signal. And yes, sad to say, I'll be on my hiatus.:(( But yuuu knoowww what? Last Christmas Party, I got these:

I'm so happeh! May you all have a Merry Christmas!:D

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Dec. 16th, 2010 | 08:54 pm
location: Philippines, Manila
mood: optimistic optimistic

 I can't explain how I miss posting here. I really mean it. I may only have few friends here, but yeah, I still miss them. Updates. Updates.
I've been very busy lately...
Dance practices, University Entrance Exams, Quizzes, Homeworks, etc. And heck, it's our 3rd Periodical exam today up to Saturday. Yeah, Saturday classes. ORZZZZZ. Sucks right? Ahuh~
Oh, sorry for my rants.
But yeah, Christmas is fast approaching! Ooohhhh!<3 Happiness. May you all have a great Christmas! 
*Oh how I wish that my wish list will come true. Nyaw! Hahaha.
That's all for now -- about me.:P
Oh, guys! I have been watching a lot of dramas lately -- my stress reliever.:P
I'm currently watching Perfect Match. It's a story about an interior designer who looks really perfect and a woman, who is the daughter of a famous, uh no, LEGENDARY architect, living in "Sanggojae" - the house that the man is searching for (he's gonna use the interior design of the house as an inspiration of his new project). And as fate gave a twist on them, the woman misinterpreted the guy as gay. And she even let him rent a room in her house ( she's in dire need of money because her friend used ALL of her money in her savings account. Not to mention that the boyfriend she had broke up with her to marry another woman, who is her friend -- the one who is living with her before the guy moved in. It's nice, really! My review isn't really accurate, but I think it's the background of the story.
I'm also watching Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. It's really cute. A Yankee guy and a nerdy type of girl. The guy is good in fights and was mistaken as Hurricane Ada - the legendary yankee back then. Not knowing that the nerdy girl was Hurricane Ada herself. The girl decided to renew herself and transferred into a new school for senior high (Monshiro High) - the place where she met the guy. The girl is trying to change the Yankee guy for his own good.
I've finished watching Playful Kiss and I'm also done rewatching Ssangchu cuts for We Got Married. I've watched quite a lot. I'm still finding time for the last episodes of Hidarime Tantei EYE and Bloody Monday. I've finsihed the 2 movies of Detective Conan, have started watching animes too, Ouran High School Host Club and uhh, Special A - but I don't really prioritize them. I'm also planning to watch Maou! after watching Yankee-kun and Perfect Match this Christmas Break. Oh, vacation, I really need you! Have I told you that I've also started Kimi wa Petto - this was a long time ago and I didn't had the chance to continue watching it. The movie 'I will give my first love to you' is pretty good too, I cried. Seriously. It was really touching! Smile, My Girl (Aiba's) are tear jerkers too! I've been into dramas lately ehh? Haha.
And yeah, HSJ's new single is reaallllyyyy awesome! I love how they had thanked almost every countries in their own languages! Ohhh~ SARAMAPPO.:DDDD 
I think I have to go now~ I'll have my reviews and yeah, my diary next time this year. End of the year, probably?:)
I have to review for my test~ ahh! 

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Jun. 20th, 2010 | 03:12 am
location: At home.
music: Without U - 2PM

Okay, school started a couple of weeks ago and it's killing me BUT, I'm enjoying it. This is my 4th and last year of high school so I have to enjoy it to the fullest. I promised myself to PASS and not to have grades 80 and below. So yeah~ I'll try visiting each and every accounts I have every weekends but I doubt it. I have a personal blogger account which is needed for school, so I'll be visiting that often. You can PM me if you want to follow me there.:D Oh wait, I missed all of you, although I don't really have friends I talk to here, but I missed LJ!<3 So yeah, I have to go now!:) Wish me luck!<3

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May. 17th, 2010 | 12:31 am
location: Hmm, my house.:DDDDD
mood: accomplished
music: Code - Ryp Nishikido

 HAHAHAH! After jsdhhoiehdieowhdidheio months, I managed to have my layout changed, and OMG, I already know how na! I love it~ I thought I will never know how!<33333 Just wanted to post this! And I sooooooo love Ryo Nishikido. Hohohohoh!<3

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Super Show II Live in Manila~

Apr. 23rd, 2010 | 01:40 pm

Okay, I know, everybody already posted about this but Imma go posting mine today.:) 

I think it was early February that a lot of rumors are circulating in the net about Super Junior visiting here~ we expected alot from that but it was all a joke. But one of that days, there's this RSVP note in FaceBook about Super Show II that caught my attention. I talked about it with my friends and we decided to go~ at first, we were having a doubt since FTIsland are going to come but at the end, my other friend was not allowed to go in FTI's showcase and we all decided to go into Super Show II. We bought the ticket 1 month early.:)))))) That's how excited we were.

On the day of the concert, we were there at 8:30am since we only have GenAd tickets. There was a lot of people na. It's sooo hot. We planned on camping there since we know it's going to be hard for us if we arrived late. We brought food, water, etc. It was fun, actually. We met new friends while we're in the line~ We waited for 11 hours before we were actually permitted to go inside the coliseum, that was damn hard! The gates opened at five, then inside, there was security that is going to check your bags, etc. --- we actually fell in line stair after stair then gate after gate. Imagine, we managed to get there at 8 then the gates opened at 5 then again, they let us wait for 2 more hours for us to be able to relax inside the coliseum? Haha! Well, that's what fangirling is. LOL. Okay, so the concert started few minutes after 7. The crowd went wild when the intro VTR was shown, it was EPIC. The Sapphire Blue Sea was damn good! It gave me goosebumps~ and by the way, we managed to get a good seat. We're actually in the middle (I was beside the spotlight! HAHAHAHA, speaking of the spotlight, there's a lot of wires in where we were seated. HAHAHA). There were 36(?) songs that was played, that includes the solo performances by the diff. members. Everyone was so energetic that night (although Siwon isn't, he's got a fever.:( ) It was an unforgettable experience~ and yeah, I LOVE YOU KYU HYUN!<3

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Apr. 15th, 2010 | 09:07 am

wee~ I missed HSJ, reaaaaally~ well, I think I'm back~<3333 Congrats HSJ for making Hitomi no Screen your 4th Platinum Single~ All the best for youuuu~ chu~♥

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Apr. 14th, 2010 | 02:17 pm
mood: happy happy

It's been ages since I posted something here, and I admit, I missed it! Well, I know I don't really have readers but I just feel like posting here, with readers...or not. I've been into Kpop these days/months and I'm happy on what happened to me regarding Kpop these past few months. I've got to see my favorite BBs one by one!<3 Okay, I'll start from last November, the 27th of that month to be exact. I've seen my second love in Kpop~ okay, here's the story. I know, I know I already have a post regarding this but, I just feel like writing it... again.

Some day in November 2009 -- I think it's the second week of that month -- well, I've been crazy for SHINee's Ring Ding Dong that time~ someone pm-ed me that SHINee will be visiting the country for a Cultural Event, I didn't really cared about that since -- I thought it was a scam, so yeah. After a few days, she then pm-ed me again and she comes to me with an article -- which made me reaaaaaaaaaally crazy. Imagine, that's the second week of November and the event's on the last week but I already asked permission to my Mom. HAHAHAH~ so yeah. The next day, I told it to my friends and we were in hysterics, literally. We then planned for the event, gifts, on how early we must be there, etc. We're really excited, yes, when I say really, it's really. Me and a fellow friend of mine joined the official local site of SHINee here and there's this Friday that we all went sad~ this is when we knew that tickets will be raffled, yes, raffled. WE WE'RE LIKE, WE THOUGHT IT'S FIRST COME FIRST SERVE THEN YOU'RE SAYING THAT IT WOULD BE RAFFLED? WTF IS THAT? Yeaaaa~ everyone is panicking since a lot of us know that we aren't lucky when it comes to lottery~ We don't have a choice, we just have to pray for our luck and send our admission. The day we've all been waiting for has come, aside foe November 27, it's the day the winners will be posted. I was visiting arirang's site again and again to see the winners but it took so long that we don't know that it will be posted at night. I think it was 7:30pm that day when the winners we're posted. There are only 365, I guess. I was there, my other friends were there, we're all there~ I actually cried that night, I immediately told my Mom about it and she was really happy for me. Now, the only problem is, how can we claim our tickets? My friends decided to take a leave from school so that they can claim it, I gave them an authorization letter to be able to claim mine, it would be a big problem if they didn't had the chance to claim it right? The next day, they gave me my ticket and I... was there, SHOUTING. Hahah~ Okay, that's the thrill, let's skip to the sleepless nights because of them. November 26, we then knew Taemin couldn't come --- SWINE FLU.:( But the 4 members will come, we then stayed happy. November 27, okay~ the day WE'VE ALL BEEN REALLY WAITING FOR. The event will be at 5 but we have to go there early since it's free seating, the earlier, the better. We arrived at 8 and to our surprise, there's a lot of people already. And there are singits everywhere, it's really irritating. At 12:30, I guess, the exchange of tickets started (since the given tickets last time was only an invitation), we managed to get the BALCONY. We didn't have the chance to sit at the ORCHESTRA section where it's DAMN NEAR to the boys.:/ At 4, everyone was gathered in the different gates on which where your section will go in. After going in, we then seated and CCP played a lot of Korean Music Videos that made the crowd wild, really wild. After that, the concert started. Starting to Philippines' National Anthem, next is Korea's. Speech~ Speech~ Speech. Isak and Luis Manzano were the emcees of the event, anyways. There were dancers that danced cultural dances, a Korean boy who sung Freddie Aguilar's Anak, I think it was Arirang's Pinoy Friendship something that danced to Korean songs, a girl that danced Nobody and lastly, Brownman Revival, we didn't payed much attention to them since the first half of the concert is nearly ending, that means, Korean superstars are going to perform next. BUT, before that, there were video presentations shown to us, there are Korean Hallyu stars that greeted us, some of them were 4minute, f(x), FT Island, Ukiss, SANDARA PARK and a lot more -- the video gained a lot of appreciation from the fans inside the venue, and the performances... started. First was Mighty Mouth --- OMG. They're good, but I think they're a little underrated in Korea. They're awesome, they even jumped off the stage and the crowd went reaalllllyyyyy wild. I enjoyed watching them~ they perfomed their song Smile and Energy. Next to them was Winterplay and the last but definetely not the least, SHINee. I really can't explain how happy am I that day, I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas really a crazy fangirl. HAHAHA~ I was singing with them, I cried, I howled, shouted and did what a fangirl could do~ HAHAHAH. They sung BOF's Stand by Me, Juliette and my all time favorite, RING DING DONG. OmyGod, I was really reaalllllllly into it that time --- it's like my heart will pop up anytime~ HAHAHA. After the show, we headed to where their bus is, haha~ I only saw Minho who was reallt tall and Key's hand since he stuck it out outside the window to hold fans' hand. Yie, lucky fans. That was definitely an awesome day!<3


That was March 28, 2010.
They arrived here at the 26th but i didn't had the chance too see them there~ their first mall tour was in SM Megamall, the second day was in SM Clark and the last day -- that's where I went --  SM North Edsa. They have this guesting in Party Pilipinas before going to the mall~ just a thought.:) Okay. That was the first week of our vacation, me and my aunt made a banner for them~<3 I really can't sleep the night before the event, reaaally~ I'm so excited. I was daydreaming~ AHAHAHHA. I woke up at 7, because we also have to go there early~ we arrived there at 10 and there are already a lot of people, A LOT. I guess what we hoped for was gone. The announcer said that they will only prioritize the first 300 fans who was able to buy the album. We didn't really hope that we will be able to go inside the barricaded area but fortunately, we got in~ but my no. was 608. Our place sucks, actually. We're in the middle and it really looks like a stampede will happen anytime but the guards extended the grills and I happened to run over quickly and I was on the first row on the left part of the stage, luckily! HAHAHAHA. The show started at 4:30~ the fans went wild when they introduced themselves~ Ukiss' looked happy that time. They performed Man Man Ha Ni after this, I already forgot the sequence of the songs~ they also performed As Long As You Love Me, I Like You and Talk to Me. Before performing their last song, they did some fanservice/s, Kevin did his Jessica thingy~ he even danced 'Oh~!' after that, they thanked us~ then they performed Bingeul Bingeul. The autograph signing started after the last song, me and my friend were still hoping that we will have our albums autographed,  they extended it until 600~ Hahah, not lucky much? Hahah. I didn't have my album signed which I cried on too~ HAHAHAHA. But there's this bonus: KEVIN WAVED AT ME and I was there, starstruck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That day was awesome~ although a bit sad since we haven't had our autographs signed but the fact that Kevin waved at me and I've seen them in person is really something I should be proud of~

I'll stop here, SUPER SHOW II live in Manila is next.=)) I'm out of words, will be updating this soon.
NEXT POST: APRIL 10, 2010 - SUPER SHOW II. Hahahah~ I know, I'll be able to forget this! HAHAHA.=)) I have to update!<3

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Happy New Year!<3

Jan. 1st, 2010 | 03:31 pm


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